Exchange Visitor Program

Hartford Seminary offers international scholars and professors the opportunity to teach, lecture and engage in research. The primary activity for research scholars is to conduct research, observe and consult in connection with a research project. The primary activity for professors is teaching, lecturing, observing or consulting.

The Seminary offers the Exchange Visitor Program to contribute to a better understanding of American values and institutions through the exchange of ideas and experiences. The program optimizes the potential for international scholars, national scholars and religious leaders to share their knowledge in a mutually beneficial way with Hartford Seminary and the larger community. It also helps to broaden the exchange visitors’ knowledge in their area of expertise by using Hartford Seminary’s resources.

Hartford Seminary has U.S. Department of State approval to host international research scholars and professors.

For further information, contact Lorraine Browne in the Dean’s Office at

The following documents provide details on the program and the application process.


J-1 Professor Selection Process
J-1 Professor-Fees & Related Information
J-1 Professor Application
J-1 Professor Pre-Arrival Orientation Information
J-1 Professor Arrival Orientation Information
J-1 Professor Agreement Form

Research Scholar

J-1 Research Scholar Selection Process
J-1 Research Scholars-Fees & Related Information
J-1 Research Scholar Application
J-1 Research Scholar Pre-Arrival Orientation Information
J-1Research Scholar Arrival Orientation Information
J-1 Research Scholar Agreement Form

On Campus Housing

Housing Application 2019-20
Housing Info and Instructions 2019-20

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