Explore Jewish Studies and Engage Christian, Muslim Peers

Hartford Seminary offers a variety of Jewish Studies courses.  These courses rigorously explore various historical periods of Jewish history – biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern – and seek to understand, contextualize and reflect on Jewish theology, practice and ritual.

In addition to our Jewish studies courses, students in our programs also take courses on Christianity, Islam, and methods of productive interreligious dialogue. Importantly, our shared study of texts and faith occurs in an interfaith environment which respects and takes seriously the multiplicity of faith traditions.  The meaningful relationships that emerge form the groundwork for future professional and academic endeavors.

Programs of interest to Jewish students:

  • MA in International Peacebuilding (MAP) – Full scholarships are available in this one-year, 36-credit, professional master’s degree which develops students’ capacity to build vibrant, healthy inter-and-intra-religious relationships.
  • Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies – This is a 36-credit-hour graduate degree that engages students in advanced academic study of the lived reality of religions in public multifaith contexts. It may also serve as a foundation for those pursuing other professional degrees or as a vehicle for the enhancement of one’s own faith and understanding. The MAIRS program provides a strong grounding in the foundational concepts and methods of Interreligious studies, relations between religions, and the study of lived religious traditions.
  • Master of Arts in Chaplaincy – Open to people of all faiths, this MA is designed to equip students to serve as chaplains in many settings – from hospitals and prisons to universities, the military, and beyond.


“By going back to the roots of biblical monotheism we may find, to our surprise, a theological basis for respect for difference, based not on relativism but on the concept of covenant.”

Jonathan Sacks
The Dignity of Difference

Boston Theological Institute

Hartford Seminary is a member of this consortium of Boston-area seminaries and theological schools. Hartford Seminary students may take selected courses at any of these member schools. Cross registration is performed online through the BTI website.

Complete your degree with courses from Hebrew College, Harvard Divinity School, and Boston University School of Theology, among others.


Professor Deena Grant, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, joined Hartford Seminary’s faculty in 2017. Visit Professor Grant’s faculty page for more information and view a public lecture given on Feb. 8, 2018, here:

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