Non-BA Admission

At Hartford Seminary we recognize that there are adult learners who, for a variety of reasons, have not completed formal undergraduate education, but still possess the ability and potential to complete professional graduate level work. In accordance with ATS standards, this admission process provides access to formal theological education for those who meet the following requirements for our MA in Interreligious Studies or MA in Chaplaincy degrees.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  1. 15 Undergraduate credits with grades of B or better, including course work in English language or Literature, and the Humanities or Social Sciences.
    Certification of attendance at a foreign educational or religious institution at the post-secondary level.
  2. Statement of Purpose
    • A three-page statement to include how the applicant’s professional life, education, training, and experiences have prepared the student for graduate study at Hartford Seminary.
  1. Writing Proficiency Evaluation
  • All applicants who have completed requirements one and two will be evaluated for writing proficiency. It will have three possible determinations: “Not yet ready to write at the graduate level, Able to write at the graduate level with support, Able to write at the graduate level without support.” Only students scoring at that last, highest level will be advanced to the Admissions Committee for review.
  1. Evidence of ministry experience and/or competency in one’s religious tradition
  • This admissions process is intended for those mature adult learners who have not been able to complete their formal undergraduate education but possess significant life experience as it relates to theological education, ministry, or one’s practice of religious tradition.

Applicants who meet all of the above criteria will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee which will determine “Conditional Acceptance” or “Denial.”

Applicants who receive “Conditional Acceptance” will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee once they have completed two graded Hartford Seminary courses in different academic areas in their first year of study.

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