IPP Scholarship Application

Applications due by 13 March 2020

Hartford Seminary welcomes your interest in the International Peacemaking Program (IPP).  Because acceptance into IPP ensures a full scholarship to cover tuition, books, travel and housing, candidates must be evaluated based on criteria that address how the background and aspirations of the student correspond to the mission of IPP.

In order to help us assess your qualifications for IPP, please submit the following:

1)  Two short personal essays that answer the following questions.  Type your essays in a separate document.

  1. Describe your experience in local peace and reconciliation efforts, both training and action.  What skills and insights related to these efforts could be shared with others? How would these skills and insights be advanced by a year to live, learn, and worship within an international, interfaith community?   [Essay should be no longer than one page.]
  2. Provide a description of a feasible project to promote inter/intra faith peace you would implement in your home country upon your return.  Your description should include:
  • the goals of the project
  • the stakeholders or partners with whom you would work
  • a plan of action
  • an evaluation plan

Conclude by summarizing the skills and the insights of peace building you would need to learn at Hartford Seminary in order to assist you in carrying out this project.  [Essay should be no longer than two pages.]

2)  Submit one letter of recommendation from a person who can attest to your commitment to community leadership and interreligious peacemaking.   Please note that this recommendation letter is to be written by someone other than the person who wrote in support of your academic application to the Graduate Certificate.  In total, therefore, you will submit two letters of recommendation:  you will have an academic recommendation that you have submitted for admission to Hartford Seminary; plus a community/religious leadership reference that you will submit for the IPP scholarship.

3) A valid passport is required to apply. Submit a scan or photo of the information page of your passport showing it is valid through November 2021.

Your answers to #1 and the submission of one letter of recommendation according to the criteria set in #2 and the passport scan will constitute completion of the IPP scholarship portion of your application to Hartford Seminary.

Thank you again for your interest in Hartford Seminary’s International Peacemaking Program.

All application materials are due by 13 March 2020 for first round admissions and scholarship decisions.  Applications received after 13 March will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Submit to Ms. Phoebe Milliken via pmilliken@hartsem.edu


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