Greetings from the Academic Dean


Dear Friends,

The world has forever changed and is still changing. Prior to 2020, we never could have imagined how COVID-19, would impact our lives and the world. To be honest, I don’t think we will know the full extent for some time. In addition, as we all witnessed the murder of George Floyd, as a nation we could no longer deny the reality of the other pandemic of systematic racism in North America. One thing is clear, we can’t go back. As we muster the courage of faith to move forward, there is important work to be done.

As we slowly (and hopefully) emerge from under COVID-19’s shadow and continue to work for justice for all, Hartford Seminary is striving to make a difference by educating and training religious leaders who are committed to deepening interreligious relationships and working for peace. Hartford Seminary has developed three new accredited Master programs that will provide opportunities for students to acquire new knowledge, necessary skills, and unique sensitivities to assist them in providing religious leadership and ministry opportunities in service of others.

An academic Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies (MAIRS) will steep students in the reality of a multifaith world. This degree will provide students with knowledge, experience, and awareness of the interaction of different religious traditions in North America and provide grounding to grow in knowledge of their own tradition in relation to others. Graduates may lead their own religious communities in our religiously plural nation, work for social service organizations that serve multiple religious communities, teach others about the importance of interreligious sensitivities, or prepare themselves for further study in religion or theology.

A professional Master of Arts in International Peacebuilding (MAP) gathers a cohort of international and American students who live and learn together to develop skills in peacebuilding and mediation between communities and individuals. It is a one-year, full-time experiential learning program that is fully funded for accepted students.

Finally, a professional Master of Arts in Chaplaincy (MAC) acknowledges a world which needs chaplains who meet the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of not only established religious communities of faith but individuals of any and no faith during times of transition and crisis. This program builds on the foundation and success of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program developed 20 years ago. Students of any and no faith tradition can complete the MAC in addition to the MAIRS for 72 hours of graduate credit. This program will position graduates for service in the world with academic preparedness and practical training.

To deliver these types of programs you need a top-notch faculty. Thankfully, at Hartford Seminary, you will find a faculty unlike any other, a multi-faith faculty with high academic caliber and practical-professional training. I invite you to browse our web pages, explore our areas of expertise, and determine if there is an opportunity for you!

I invite you to consider what your next step might be in this changed and changing world. Mar Haba! Welcome!


The Rev. Dr. David D. Grafton, Ph.D.
Academic Dean


Bilal W. Ansari

Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology

Brian Clark

Faculty Associate in World Christianity

Lisa Clayton

Black Ministries Program Instructor

Odell Montgomery Cooper

Black Ministries Program Instructor

Andrew Gardner

Visiting Faculty Associate of American Religious History

David D. Grafton

Academic Dean & Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

Deena Grant

Associate Professor of Jewish Studies

Hans A. Harmakaputra

Visiting Assistant Professor in Comparative Theology and Muslim-Christian Relations

Hossein Kamaly

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies

Suheil Laher

Faculty Associate in Qur'anic Studies

Amy-Jill Levine

Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies

Joel N. Lohr

President & Professor of Bible and Interreligious Dialogue

Jean Amos Lys

Black Ministries Program Instructor

Aida Mansoor

Director of Field Education

Phoebe Milliken

Faculty Associate in International Peacebuilding

Lucinda Mosher

Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies

Allison Norton

Faculty Associate in Migration Studies and Congregational Life

Michael Piazza

Faculty Associate in Congregational Renewal

Donna Schaper

Faculty Associate in Religious Leadership

Mona Siddiqui

Distinguished Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies

C.L. Stallworth

Black Ministries Program Instructor

Patricia Tevington

HIRR Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Scott Thumma

Professor of Sociology of Religion

Benjamin Watts

Faculty Associate in Religion and Community Life

Timur Yuskaev

Associate Professor of Contemporary Islam

Mahmoud Ayoub

Honorary Faculty Associate in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Adair Lummis

Honorary Faculty Associate in Research

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Emeriti

President Emerita

Anthony Bennett
M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary); D.Min. (United Theological Seminary); Urban Ministry, Black Ministries Program

Shelley D. Best
M.A. (Hartford Seminary); M.Div. (Yale Divinity School); D.Min. (Hartford Seminary); Ethics, Black Ministries Program

Vada Crosby
M.A. (Hartford Seminary); Communication, Black Ministries Program

Edward Duffy
M.A. (Columbia University); M.Div. (Princeton Theological Seminary); Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Foundation); New Testament Greek, Graduate Programs

Joshua Ellsworth
M.A. (Brandeis University); Field Education, Graduate Programs

Alvan Johnson
M.Div. and D.Min. (Boston University School of Theology); Theology, Black Ministries Program

Hooman Keshavarzi
M.S. (Argosy University); Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Colleen Keyes
M.A. (Fairfield University); M.A. (Hartford Seminary); PhD (University of Exeter); Religion and Society, Graduate Programs

Byron Peart
M.A. (Hartford Seminary); MSOB (University of Hartford); D.Min (Hartford Seminary); Scripture, Black Ministries Program

Lawrence Peers
M.A. (Antioch University); M.T.S. (Boston University); D.Min. (Hartford Seminary); Ed.D. (Pepperdine University); Arts of Ministry, Graduate Programs

Cheryl Thomas
M.S. (Polytechnic University); M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary); Christian Education, Black Ministries Program


  • Clifford J. Green
  • Wadi’ Z. Haddad
  • Jane I. Smith
  • Yahya Michot
  • Miriam Therese Winter
  • David Roozen
  • Heidi Hadsell

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