Archival Materials – Last Names beginning with N


N., I.G. (initials only) SEE: Carter, Willard Thomas
Naidu, C. Coomarasawmy, & Sons SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Nash, Arnold
Nash, Charles S.
Natori, J. SEE: Baxter, Miss Edna M.
Naumann, (Mrs.) W.L. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Neill, Stephen
See also: Wysner, Gloria M.
Neilson, William A. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nelson, Frances M.
Nelson, R. SEE: Carter, Willard Thomas
Nettleton, Asahel, 1783-1844
Neumann, Prof. SEE: Alden, Frederick Winthrop
Neumann, Alberta SEE: Benson, Russell F.
Neumann, Ernest F. SEE: Crawford Asa Robert
Neumann, Frederick
Newall, Henry C. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Newton, Alfred Edward
Nicholas, Ethel SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Nichols, Alfred C. SEE: Bentley, (Mrs.) Henry D.
Nichols, Ida G.
Nichols, Lavilla H. SEE: Conant, Liba
Nichols, (Miss) SEE: Angier, V.
Nichols, Robert Hastings (Rev.) SEE: Barnes, Rev. William
Nicholson, Evelyn Riley SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Nicholson, (Mrs.) Thomas SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Nick (no last name) SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nicoll, (Sir) W. Robertson SEE: Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
Nida, Eugene A.
Niebuhr, Reinhold SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Niemoeller, Martin
Nietz, Florence M. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nightengale, Thomas
Nilson, Milton S. SEE: Chakerian, Charles Garabed
Nilson, Sven
See also: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nind, George B. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Nind, George Benjamin
Nivenburg, Narola SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nixon, Justin Roe SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nixon, Justin W. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Nixon, Justin Wroe SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Noble, Charles C. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Noden, Elmer A. SEE: Whittemore, Norman C.
Nolte, Richard H. SEE: Cragg, Albert Kenneth
Norman, Clarence E. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
North, Eric M. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Northwood, Francis SEE: Conant, Liba
Norton, C. DeWitt SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Norton, Charles Henry (1822-1857) – SEE Box 399 – 1850 grad. Theo. Inst. of Ct
Notopoulos, James Anastasios
Nourse, Edward Everett
Nourse, Harvey Z. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
SEE: Cragg, Albert Kenneth
SEE: Wilson, Alfred L.
SEE: Wolf, John
Noyes, Daniel J.
Nutting, Isaac Hall (1824-1865) – SEE Box 399 – 1851 grad. Theo. Inst. of Ct
Nutting, John Keep (1832-1917) – See Box 399, 1856 grad. of Theo. Inst. of Ct – Letter

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