Archival Materials – Last Name beginning with U

Uhl, Bryon H. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Uline, (Miss) Mary D. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Ullom (solo first or last name?) SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Underhill, Muriel M.
Underwood, (Rev.) A.C. SEE: Underwood, Richard A.
Underwood, Dick SEE: Underwood, Richard A.
Underwood, Richard A.
Underwood, Rufus Scofield ( 1846-?) – See Box 399, 1868 grad. of Theo. Inst. of Ct
United Christian Missionary Society SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Updegraph, J.L. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren
Uphaus, (Dr.) Willard
See also: Chakerian, Charles Garabed
Upson, (Mrs.)
Upton, (Mrs.) SEE: Wilson, Alfred L.
Urch, E.J. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott

Urch, Erwin J. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott

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