Borrowing Partners


Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors (CCALD) Connecticut Library Consortium Reciprocal Library Borrowing


Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

  • Students may borrow in-person from the 8 libraries within the consortium
  • You must set up a BTI portal account and choose Sign Up to Use the Libraries
  • When you first visit any BTI library, the library staff there will register you to borrow from them
  • Faculty and staff may borrow directly using their Hartford Seminary ID card


  • Students may borrow in-person from any of the participating libraries
  • When you first visit an atla library, the library will register you to borrow from them — they may contact the Hartford Seminary to verify that you are a current student in good standing
  • Lending rules will vary by institution – contact the participating library directly if you have any questions
  • Click here for a map of participating libraries
  • Click here for a spreadsheet of participating libraries



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