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Housing at Hartford Seminary allows students to be a part of a diverse community while engaged in their studies.  On-campus living fosters a social life, openings for dialogue, and opportunities to cultivate friends that may last well beyond the years spent at our institution.

Hartford Seminary offers a limited number of furnished apartments on campus for students to rent. All of our housing is for same-gender housemates.  While we make every effort to accommodate housing requests, placements are made based on availability. View our housing brochure here.

Each student is assigned a private bedroom, and will share common living areas (kitchen, living room, and bath). Units come with basic furnishings and kitchen supplies.  Residents are expected to supply their own towels, linens, blankets and pillows.

Each unit comes equipped with wireless internet. There are no land line phones, so students are encouraged to bring cell phones.  Generally, standard utilities are included in monthly room rent.  There is a coin-operated washer and dryer available to those living in our on-campus housing.  Units are not air conditioned.  Box fans are provided for each room during summer school.  All housing is smoke-free.

When you live on campus at Hartford Seminary, the Student Care and Residential Life Coordinator will help you settle into your new home, get acquainted with Hartford, and make new connections in the community.

If you would like more information about housing at Hartford Seminary, please contact Akeem Burgess, Student Care and Residential Life Coordinator, aburgess@hartsem.edu or call (860) 509-9517.

Housing is available for occupancy by the last week of August for the fall semester and by January 15 for the spring semester.  For winter intersession and summer classes, occupancy is available on the night before the class begins.

Note: Full-time residential students may have their summer rents waived only if they fully vacate their rooms for full months (June, July and/or August).

 Rates for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 are:

▪ Single room in shared house: $650-$700 per month, depending on room size
In most cases, heat, electricity, hot water,  basic internet access, and basic cable TV connection in the living room are included.

▪ Student with family: between $1,200 and $1,550 for an entire apartment
The rates vary depending on the particular apartment assignment.  Renters pay their own heat and electricity.

Short-term stays: $55 per night; minimum of 2 consecutive nights may be requested; subject to availability. 

Additional fees include:

$10 fee for use of linens

$20 monthly fee for supplemental cleaning of shared areas

$50 deduction from security deposit for departure cleaning

Housing Reservation and Security Deposits

To be considered for a space on campus, the Housing Application must be completed and returned with a Housing Reservation Deposit of $100.  This deposit is applied to your first month’s rent.  The Seminary requires payment of the first month’s rent and a Security Deposit in the amount of one month’s rent prior to occupancy. The Security Deposit covers damages done to the premises and is held until you vacate the apartment.  The Security Deposit less a year-end cleaning fee of $50 is refunded after a facility inspection, provided the facility is in the same condition as when originally occupied.  A monthly cleaning fee of $20 per resident is charged to each account to supplement their own weekly cleaning of shared spaces.  The monthly cleaning schedule will be around the first of each month.

Total funds required for reserving an on-campus single room

  • $1,250 (includes $100 deposit applied to first month’s rent, $525 remainder of first month’s rent, and $625 security deposit).
  • For a family apartment, please contact Rose Lezak for specific deposit and security rates.

Payment of the $100 Housing Reservation Deposit may be made by certified bank check or money order (payable to Hartford Seminary) or with one of the following credit cards:  VISA, Mastercard or Discover.  International applicants who are unable to provide a deposit in any of the ways listed, should contact Rose Lezak.

Deadlines for receipt of the Housing Application and $100 Reservation Deposit are:

Fall Semester Occupancy (beginning September 1) June 1
Winter/Spring Semester Occupancy (beginning January 15) November 1
Summer occupancy  (June, July, August) May 1

Assignments are subject to availability and will be confirmed ONLY after full-time enrollment is verified and the completed Housing Application and Reservation Deposit have been processed.

Refunds: The Housing Reservation Deposit will be refunded if, 30 days prior to the start of classes, you are unable to enroll or there is no housing available.  The Security Deposit will be refunded provided the Seminary receives at least 30 days’ notice from you.  Otherwise, the Security Deposit will be forfeited.

Housing forms

Housing Info and Instructions 2019-20

Housing Application 2019-20

Off Campus Housing

Smoking, Candle & License Lighting

For safety reasons, as a precaution against fire, smoking, candle and incense lighting are not permitted inside student rental units.


All items are for your use during your stay and must remain in the apartment when you leave.


Fireplaces are not working order. Please do not attempt to start a fire in them as it could be dangerous.

Trash Day

Trash day is on Friday. Trash bins should be brought from the rear of the house to the front curb on Thursday evenings and returned directly after trash has been emptied. For residents at 90 – 96 Sherman, trash must be brought to the dumpster in the parking lot next to 96 Sherman on a daily basis.

Hartford Recycling and Bulk

Hartford recycles glass jars/bottles, cans and plastic containers. These items must be washed and placed in the blue recycling bins near your units. Also, old newspapers and paper should be tied up or placed in paper bags and placed in the same container.

The pick-up schedule is on Thursday Morning. All recycling containers should be brought to the curb on Wednesday Evening and returned directly after the recycling containers have been emptied. Note: Pizza boxes are not recyclable due to oil. Please place all pizza boxes (and any other soiled cardboard) in the trash.


Tenants may store personal items in the basement. The furnace room side of the basement is off limits, and no storage is permitted in that area. Boxes must be sealed and labeled with the tenant’s name. Flammable fluids, chemicals and easily combustible items are not permitted to be stored. Items should not be placed on the floor in case of flooding. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

All storage items must be removed upon moving. Hartford Seminary reserves the right to refuse storage privileges to any tenants that present a safety risk to the building and its tenants and to dispose of item left after a tenant has vacated their unit. Stairwells, porches and fire exits/fire escapes should be kept clear of debris/storage items at all times.

Mail Boxes

Please check to be sure your full name is on your mailbox on the front of your building. The postal worker needs this in order to deliver your mail to the correct address. If you do not, your mail comes to the Seminary and it may be delayed. If it is missing or not correct, notify Akeem Burgess at (860) 509- 9517.

Andy Taylor – Facilities Maintainer

Ann Crawford – Director of Facilities
acrawford@hartsem.edu or 860-509-9501

Akeem Burgess – Student Care and Residential Life Coordinator
aburgess@hartsem.edu or (860) 509-9517)


Akeem Burgess – Student Care and Residential Life Coordinator
aburgess@hartsem.edu or (860) 509-9517)

Okan Dogan

David D. Grafton – Chief Academic Officer & Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations
dgrafton@hartsem.edu or 860-509-9536 or 9538


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
98 Girard 72 Sherman 90 Sherman 92 Sherman  94 Sherman 96 Sherman Open to anyone!


A few guidelines:

  • Please note that there is a white board in the basement that you should use to make sure your housemates can contact you if needed.
  • Please leave the shared area clean and neat.
  • Please empty garbage, if needed, at the end of doing your laundry.
  • Please only do your laundry on your assigned day.

Any issues with the machines, please contact Andy Taylor (ataylor@hartsem.edu) or Ann Crawford (acrawford@hartsem.edu).  For scheduling issues or any other non-tech related issues, please contact Akeem Burgess (aburgess@hartsem.edu).

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