Mandatory Notifications

Report the following changes to the CISSS within 10 days of occurrence:

  •  Address change including email and phone number
  •  Legal name change (including dependents) must submit proof of name change to CISSS

Report the following to the CISSS upon occurrence:

  •  Changes in employment if you are approved for Pre or Post-Completion OPT
  •  Change in dependent information other than legal name change
  •  Intention to transfer to another institution
  •  Intention to complete program of study early
  •  Intention to change your non-immigrant visa status
  •  Intention to extend your non-immigrant F-1 visa status
    • Extension of stay – Request must be submitted to the CISSS by your advisor explaining the reason for the extension and the date of completion of your program. Request must be submitted in advance of the program end date.
    • MA Students registered for the final paper/project or thesis: If you are unable to be examined on you final paper/project after two regular semesters or thesis after three regular semesters, you must request an extension in writing to the Registrar for the Academic Policy Committee to review.

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