Planning to graduate in 2021-2022? Below is a list of important deadlines to ensure that all of your requirements are met in time for the May 13, 2022 ceremony.

Important Dates/Deadlines

December 4 All students planning to graduate must submit the Graduation Application to the Registrar
March 5 Last day for MA students to submit a complete draft of final requirement to advisor
March-April Final requirement exams scheduled and implemented. If you need a second reader for a final requirement exam, please contact the Dean’s office.
April 30 All Graduating Students (DMin/MA/GC) grades due to Registrar. All course work must be completed before this date. Please talk to your instructors to determine exact dates.

If you have any questions about graduating in May please contact the Registrar

Graduation Application

  • Degree Conferral

    Students who have completed all coursework, and have all grades recorded by November 30th, are eligible for a December conferral of their degree or certificate.

    Students electing a December conferral are still able to participate in the May Commencement ceremony.
  • Student Information

  • This is how your name will appear both in the program, and on your diploma or certificate.
  • Degree Information

  • Robe Ordering Information

    If you plan to attend the ceremony please fill out the information below so that a rental gown and hood can be ordered.
  • FeetInches 
  • Post Graduation Contact Information

    Please provide us with the best personal email, address, and phone number to reach you after graduation.
  • Please do not list your address.


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