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All international students and research scholars are required to carry adequate major medical insurance (accident, illness, hospitalization), medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance for the duration of their enrollment (and occupancy of Hartford Seminary apartments, when applicable) at Hartford Seminary.

In the United States, there will often be charges associated with medical care above the monthly cost of insurance.  The insurance, however, is meant to help the medical fees to be manageable. In case of a serious accident or illness, insurance will be necessary to cover costs.

In order to comply with this policy, students are required to provide documentation verifying their enrollment in a medical insurance plan with the coverage as listed above. Please submit a copy of your enrollment receipt to the Dean’s Office. You must enroll in an insurance plan within the first two weeks of arriving in the United States.

You should get a minimum of $50,000 in coverage; you may choose to get more coverage based on your needs, and we strongly recommend that you get coverage for sickness. Please keep in mind that you will need coverage during school breaks if you remain in campus housing and/or you are enrolled in courses. Please take note of the deductible amount on your application, as it must be paid prior to receiving any services covered under your insurance plan. Also, keep a copy of your enrollment application for your records.

Please view the following video designed to educate international students on the healthcare system in the United States: Subtitles are in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and English.

Hartford Seminary does not offer a medical insurance plan. We do not officially endorse or have a partnership with the insurance company we recommend. Students are free to enroll in any plan they choose as long as it covers what is stated above.

International Peacemaking Program Students:  Your scholarship covers the cost of basic health insurance.  Do not enroll yourself!  When you arrive on campus the IPP coordinator will set up a time for you to enroll.

We suggest students enroll in Compass Healthcare.  In addition, we suggest you choose Option B which has a $200 deductible. You need to enroll online, and you should do so as soon as possible.  Please submit a copy of your enrollment receipt to the Executive Assistant to the Dean/Coordinator of International Student and Scholar Services. To enroll, please visit:

Additional documentation on the plan can be found here: We highly suggest you read and review this document.  On the negative side, there are a lot of things which are excluded from this plan (e.g. if you are injured skiing or skateboarding for example).  On the positive side, there is a nurse hotline where you can call to discuss your health issue with a nurse before deciding if you need to seek further medical treatment.   As with most U.S. health insurance plans, there can still be considerable out-of-pocket costs (which is why the free nurse hotline is such a good feature.)  If the nurse does think further medical care is necessary, your least expensive option will be to go to the Minute Clinic in CVS pharmacy in Avon. They charge $45 per visit – which is considerably less than a regular doctor’s office. Avon is about 15-20 minutes away by car.

For coverage for your children, please look into Husky Health Connecticut for eligibility: HUSKY Health is the State of Connecticut’s public health coverage program for eligible children, parents, relative caregivers, elders, individuals with disabilities, adults without dependent children, and pregnant women.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the enrollment process, please contact the Executive Assistant to the Dean/Coordinator of International Student and Scholar Services at 860-509-9553 or at

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