Campus Map

Campus Map

77 Sherman Street

74-76 Sherman Street

 80 Sherman Street

60 Lorraine Street (Budd Building, MacDonald Center)

First floor:

  • Café
  • Chapel
  • Computers (library, lower-levels)
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Visiting Faculty office
  • Meeting Room

Second Floor:

  • Classrooms 205, 206 and 207
  • Business Office, Ramee Dixon
  • Development Office, Jennifer E. Schimmel
  • Student lounge
  • Vending Machine
  • Writing Consultant (by appointment only)

Third floor:

Administrative offices:

  • President, Dr. Joel N. Lohr
  • Executive Assistant to the President, Lorraine Browne
  • Chief Operating Officer, Ann Crawford
  • Academic Dean, Dr. David D. Grafton
  • Director of the International Peacemaking Program, Phoebe Milliken
  • Executive and Professional Education, Katy O’leary
  • Admissions, Michelle Federer
  • Communications, Susan Schoenberger
  • Communications Manager, Steven Havira
  • Registrar and Financial Aid Director, Danielle LaVine
  • Assistant to the Dean and the Senior Leadership, Andrea Jones
  • Chief Business Officer, Michael Sandner

First Floor:

  • Meeting room and living room.

Second Floor, Faculty Offices:

  • Student Care and Residential Life, Akeem Burgess
  • Dr. Hans Harmakaputra
  • Dr. Brian Clark
  • Dr. Benjamin Watts

First Floor:

  • Kitchen
  • Classroom (Living Room)
  • HIRR Administrative Staff, Sheryl Wiggins

Second Floor, Faculty Offices:

  • Dr. Scott Thumma
  • Dr. Allison Norton
  • Dr. Andrew Gardner
  • Dr. Adair Lummis
  • Classroom
  • Conference Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Student Lounge
  • Kitchen

Faculty Offices:

  • Dr. MT Winter
  • Dr. Suheil Laher / Dr. Bilal Ansari
  • Field Education, Chaplain Aida Mansoor
  • Dr. Hossein Kamaly
  • Dr. Deena Grant
  • Dr. Timur Yuskaev
  • Dr. David D. Grafton

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