Updating Your Personal Information

In order to ensure that the school has your most current contact information it is important to make sure that you make any changes in Sonis as they occur.

You update your personal information by clicking on the “Update Bio” link, found under the “General” section of the navigation menu.

From the Update Bio screen you will be able to update most of your personal contact information. You will not be able to change your name. Name change requests must be made to the Registrar’s Office and be accompanied by the appropriate documentation.

Emergency Alert Notification: If you wish to receive emergency alerts directly to your cell phone you need to fill out all of the Emergency Alert Information (cell number, cell provider, and check the Text Me Flag). The alert system will only be used in instances of emergency or campus closure.


Directory Information

Sonis has an internal “Search” feature that allows users on the system to search for each other (the link is located under the “General” section of the navigation menu). To search for an individual select Student, Alumni, Faculty, or Staff, and enter your search criteria.


Each user controls how much, or how little, information is shared by checking the boxes at the bottom of the “Update Bio” screen. Checking a box publishes the information to the internal directory and makes it available to other Sonis users.


Once you have made your changes remember to click the “Submit” button.

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