Faculty and Staff of the Macdonald Center

David D. Grafton – Academic Dean & Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations



Timur Yuskaev – Associate Professor of Contemporary Islam; Editor of The Muslim World journal



Hossein Kamaly – Associate Professor of Islamic Studies; Holder of the Imam Ali Chair for Shi’i Studies and Dialogue among Islamic Legal Schools



Yahya Michot – Faculty Emeritus




Bilal W. Ansari – Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology




Suheil Laher – Faculty Associate in Qur’anic Studies





Lucinda Mosher – Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies




Hans A. Harmakaputra – Visiting Assistant Professor in Comparative Theology and Muslim-Christian Relations; Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow



Nick Mumejian – Managing Editor The Muslim World journal




Aida Mansoor – Coordinator Islamic Chaplaincy Program 

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