Muslim-Christian Relations:

Further Resources on Studying Islam

Islamic Institutions

  • INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED ISLAMIC STUDIES (IAIS) MALAYSIA: The Institute is dedicated to rigorously pursue objective academic research on Islam and contemporary issues of concern to Malaysia, the ummah and Islam’s engagement with other civilisations.
  • Nawawi Foundation: A site for an educational institution based in Chicago, IL. Some excellent articles by scholar-in-residence, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, on the Islamic tradition.
  • Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy: A site that is dedicated to a robust dialogue on the compatibility of Islam and Democracy and the potential of Democracy in the Muslim world today.

Islamic Societies

  • Islamic Society of North America: The largest Muslim organization in the United States. This site has several good articles, links, online speeches, and a whole host of other resources.
  • Islamic Circle of North AmericaA major movement oriented organization in the United States that is run mainly by South Asian immigrant Muslims and their descendants. Good resource to movement oriented literature on Islam, especially from the Jamaat Islami that originates from Pakistan.
  • Muslim American Society: Another major movement oriented organization in the United States that is run mostly by Arab immigrants and their descendants. Good resource to literature on movement oriented perspectives on Islam.
  • Council of American-Islamic Relations: The largest civil rights organization for Muslims in the United States. Have several action alerts and a daily update on news surrounding Muslims in America. A good resource for those interested in Muslim life in the United States.
  • American Sufi Muslim Association: An organization that publishes articles and holds events centered around Sufi understanding of Islam and interfaith relations. Very resourceful with good articles and links.
  •  Muslim Women’s League: Several excellent articles on Muslim perspectives on women and Islam, and women in the Muslim world.
  • Muslim Student Association National: A student run organization that acts as an umbrella organization for all MSAs in the United States. A good resource for those interested in research about the Muslim American community.

Arabic and Qur’anic Language

Islamic Forums

  • The American Muslim: The American Muslim is dedicated to the promotion of peace, justice, and reconciliation for all humanity. A place to share ideas and information, to inform each other about their Islamic work or projects, to offer consultation, support and encouragement to each other to re-animate the dialogue within the community and between communities.
  • Muslims in American Public Square: Interesting research on the American Muslim community with lots of statistical data on population and social trends.

Theology Sites

  • Professor Alan Godlas’ website on Islam: A very rich source on the Islamic tradition and on Sufism in particular. Many links to a wide variety of sites on the web.
  • Leading Resources for Traditional Islam: Resourceful guide to several articles on the Islamic tradition from traditional Muslim scholars, mainly from a classical Sufi perspective. Also, has several good links to other like-minded sites on the net.
  •   Islamic Philosophy Online: An excellent resource for those interested in Islamic philosophy. Detailed biography of several great Muslim philosophers along with an English translation of many of their works.

Qur’an and Hadith

  • IslamiCity: A Muslim run site that has an extensive Quran and Hadith search database as well as other very resourceful guides to understanding Islam from a traditional Muslim’s lens.
  • A nice collection of articles on topics from world politics to basic introduction to Islam. Also features an extensive Q&A on Islamic law and Islamic practices for Muslims living in the West.
  • A collection of articles on contemporary events in the Muslim world from the eye of Muslim authors.
  • The Muslim Directory Online: A site dedicated to offering Muslim perspectives on contemporary affairs, including world events, politics, and other social issues. Also has an extensive Quran and Hadith search database.
  • Holy Qur’an Resources on the Internet: A good and resourceful guide to the Quran on the web. Features several excellent articles on the Quranic sciences, several translations of the Quran on the web, and much more.
  •  Jannah: Excellent resource on Quran, Hadith, and other Islamic sciences. Particularly useful for those who want to learn proper Quranic recitation. For those who can understand Arabic, this site is probably the best resource on accessing classical exegesis of the Quran and other classical literature on Islamic sciences.

Online Learning

  • Zaytuna College: Site for a traditional Islamic school based in Hayward, CA. Excellent online courses available for both Muslims and non-Muslims. A nice collection of articles and audio lectures can be found on this site along with links to a few good sites on the net.
  •  Qibla: A site that offers extensive classes every semester in traditional Islamic sciences, open to both Muslims and non-Muslims at an introductory, intermediate, and advanced level. Also features an extensive Q&A on Islamic law for Muslims in the West from the Hanafi’ and Shafi’ schools of jurisprudence.
  • American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism: A resourceful site on progressive Muslim views on contemporary issues in the world. Several articles and event announcements.

Islam and the West

  • BBC: Islam and the West: Features several excellent articles, conversations, and debates about prospects, hopes, and challenges facing the relationship between Islam and the West.
  • BBC: Islam: A nice introduction to the diverse faith of Islam with some good web links to other sites as well.
  • The Muslim Directory Online: A site dedicated to offering Muslim perspectives on contemporary affairs, including world events, politics, and other social issues. Also has an extensive Quran and Hadith search database.
  •  The Revival: Link to an online magazine that is run by Muslim youth. Covers a whole host of contemporary issues facing the Muslims around the world. Features literature on traditional understandings of Islam as well as opinion columns on contemporary issues.

Islamic Heritage & Culture

  • Peter Sanders Photography on the Muslim World: Site of the  world-renowned photographer on the Muslim world. Features great photography that will open your eyes to the diversity and beauty of the world Islam of  Islam.
  • Muslim Heritage: An excellent guide to Islamic history and contributions of Islamic civilization to the arts and sciences. Also, a great feature on several Muslim scholars that have influenced the world we live in today.
  • Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts: An extremely useful guide to translation of Arabic words that one may commonly come across in literature on the Islamic tradition.


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